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Disciple Names Starting with G

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Picture Initiated Namesort descending Suffix Place Month Year
Gabhira Dasa LA January 1974
Gabhira Dasa Philadelphia July 1975
Gabhiratma Dasa Amsterdam July 1975
Gadadhara Dasa New York 1969
Gadadhara Dasa Mayapur 1975
Gadadhara Pandita Dasa Toronto July 1974
Gadadhara Pandita Dasa New York October 1977
Gadagraja Dasa St. Louis December 1971
Gadai Dasa Buffalo June 1973
Gadi Dasa Gainesville March 1972
Gajahanta Dasa Hawaii January 1974
Gajapati Dasa Washington July 1974
Gajendra Dasa LA December 1968
Gajendranatha Dasa Mayapur March 1977
Gambhira Dasa LA January 1974
Gambhira Dasa Dallas July 1974
Gambhira Buddhi Dasa Mexico
Gananatha Dasa Heidelberg June 1973
Ganapati Dasa Vancouver June 1972
Ganapati Dasa Mayapur 1973
Ganapati Dasa Vrndavana April 1975
Gandhari Devi Dasi New Orleans February 1973
Gandhari Devi Dasi Portland July 1974
Gandharva Dasa LA 1974
Gandharva Dasa France November 1976
Gandharvi Devi Dasi Mayapur March 1974
Gandharvika Devi Dasi New York July 1971
Gandharvika? Devi Dasi Johannesburg August 1977
Gandini Devi Dasi Mexico September 1977
Gandiva Devi Dasi Bombay October 1972
Ganendra Dasa LA 1972
Ganesa Dasa Melbourne February 1973
Ganga Dasa Miami July 1974
Ganga Dasa London
Ganga Gati Devi Dasi Gainesville April 1976
Ganga Narayana Dasa LA December 1971
Gangadhara Dasa Germany 1976
Gangamantri Dasa Chicago July 1975
Gangamayi Devi Dasi London August 1972
Gangarama Dasa LA July 1970
Gangarama? Dasa Mayapur March 1976
Gangesvara Dasa Calcutta
Garbhodakasayi Dasa Gorakhpur
Garbhodakasayi Visnu Dasa Atlanta September 1977
Garga Rsi Dasa New Vrindaban 1972
Gargamuni Dasa New York October 1966
Gariyan Dasa Atlanta December 1971
Gariyan Dasa Detroit January 1977
Garuda Dasa Washington July 1974
Garuda Pandita Dasa Chicago July 1975
Garuda Pandita Dasa Gainesville April 1976
Garudavahana Dasa Toronto June 1976
Garudi Devi Dasi Paris 1976
Gati Devi Dasi Montreal September 1977
Gatravan Dasa Cleveland June 1973
Gaudiya Dasa Toronto June 1976
Gaudiya Vaisnava Dasa Vrndavana August 1977
Gaura Dasa Chicago June 1976
Gaura Devi Dasi Chicago March 1977
Gaurabhagavan Dasa LA September 1977
Gaurabhumi Dasa Detroit March 1977
Gauracand Dasa London 1973
Gauracand Dasa France?
Gauragopala Dasa Sydney July 1972
Gauragovinda Dasa Hawaii 1971
Gauragovinda Dasa Vrndavana October 1974
Gauragovinda Dasa Mayapur October 1974
Gaurahari Dasa San Francisco September 1969
Gaurahari Dasa LA 1975
Gaurakesava Dasa Sydney August 1976
Gaurakisora Dasa Germany 1973
Gaurakisora Dasa LA 1976
Gaurakrsna Dasa Auckland
Gauramandalabhumi Dasa Sydney February 1973
Gauramohana Dasa Dallas October 1971
Gaurananda Dasa Singapore March 1977
Gauranga Dasa Auckland 1973
Gauranga Dasa Chicago July 1975
Gauranga Devi Dasi Cleveland 1973
Gauranga Nityananda Dasa Mayapur March 1977
Gauranga Prema Dasa Germany
Gaurangi Devi Dasi Sydney May 1971
Gauranitai Dasa London September 1976
Gaurapada Dasa LA October 1976
Gaurapurusa Dasa London October 1977
Gaurasakti Dasa Melbourne August 1972
Gaurasakti Dasa New Vrindaban February 1975
Gaurasarana Dasa Dallas February 1975
Gaurasundara Dasa San Francisco February 1967
Gaurasundara Dasa Bombay December 1975
Gaurasundara Dasa New Vrindaban March 1976
Gauravani Devi Dasi Auckland April 1976
Gauravigraha Dasa Mayapur March 1977
Gaurdi? Dasa ?
Gauri Devi Dasi New York 1970
Gauridasa Pandita Dasa Chicago July 1975
Gavam Gati Dasa Vrndavana April 1976
Gavamguru Dasa Vrndavana April 1976
Gavisi Devi Dasi Vrndavana January 1976
Gaya Dasa St. Louis July 1973
Gaya Devi Dasi Hawaii August 1977
Gayatri Dasa Atlanta September 1977
Gayatri Devi Dasi Gainesville July 1971
Ghanasyama Dasa Paris 1970
Ghanasyama Dasa LA February 1973
Ghora Dasa France 1976
Ghosh Thakura Dasa Toronto December 1973
Giri Dasa Dallas March 1974
Giridhari Dasa Houston June 1972
Giridhari Dasa New York November 1976
Girigovardhana Dasa London September 1976
Girija Dasa Vrndavana April 1976
Girija Devi Dasi Montreal September 1977
Girijarata Dasa Portland October 1975
Girimakha Dasa Melbourne April 1976
Girindra Mohini Devi Dasi New Vrindaban September 1972
Giripati Dasa Germany November 1975
Giriraja Dasa Boston July 1969
Girirupadhari Dasa Melbourne April 1976
Girisa Candra Dasa New Vrindaban 1969
Girisrestha Dasa New York July 1976
Girisuta devi Devi Dasi Mexico February 1975
Girivaradhari Dasa London August 1972
Giriyadhava Dasa Toronto April 1973
Girvani Devi Dasi Frankfurt July 1976
Gita Devi Dasi Vancouver January 1973
Gobatta? Dasa Johannesburg August 1977
Gobhatta Dasa Hamburg April 1973
Gobhatta Dasa Dominican Rep. September 1973
Godruma Dasa LA March 1974
Gohita Dasa San Francisco July 1975
Gokula Dasa Chicago July 1975
Gokulacandra Dasa Bombay July 1972
Gokulacandra Dasa Chicago July 1975
Gokulananda Dasa Portland June 1972
Gokulananda Dasa London January 1975
Gokularani Devi Dasi London March 1975
Gokularanjana Dasa New Vrindaban September 1972
Gokulavasini Devi Dasi Colombia March 1977
Gokulendra Dasa Durban October 1975
Gokulotsava Dasa Brazil July 1976
Golalaya Dasa Mayapur October 1974
Golokavasini Devi Dasi Hawaii January 1974
Gomata Devi Dasi New Vrindaban April 1973
Gopa Dasa San Juan August 1974
Gopa Kanya Devi Dasi Detroit August 1975
Gopagopisvara Dasa LA July 1975
Gopala Dasa LA July 1970
Gopala Dasa Dallas November 1975
Gopala Devi Dasi Sydney February 1973
Gopala Bhatta Dasa Detroit May 1973
Gopala Krsna Dasa New York May 1969
Gopala-sakhi Devi Dasi London 1976
Gopalacarya Dasa Chicago July 1975
Gopalasya Priya Devi Dasi New Vrindaban November 1975
Gopalavrnda Dasa Hyderabad March 1974
Gopamatrika Devi Dasi Baltimore November 1976
Gopanandakari Devi Dasi Denver September 1975
Gopanandini Devi Dasi Paris December 1975
Gopanandini Devi Dasi New York? April 1976
Gopanganapati Dasa New York
Gopapatni Devi Dasi Gainesville April 1976
Gopasvami Dasa Paris March 1975
Gopati Dasa Cleveland June 1973
Gopati Dasa Hawaii May 1974
Gopati Dasa Vrndavana April 1976
Gopati Dasa London
Gopavrndapala Dasa LA 1971
Gopavrndesa Dasa San Diego June 1974
Gopesa Dasa Heidelberg June 1973
Gopesa Dasa Caracas January 1974
Gopesvara Dasa Berkeley 1972
Gopi Devi Dasi Heidelberg 1972
Gopibhava Dasa Ecquador
Gopijana Dasa Vancouver? 1976
Gopijanavallabha Dasa Berkeley 1971
Gopika Devi Dasi Berkeley July 1971
Gopika Devi Dasi Vrndavana April 1975
Gopikanta Dasa Sydney February 1973
Gopimata Devi Dasi London 1977
Gopinatha Dasa Columbus 1970
Gopinatha Dasa New Vrindaban 1973
Gopinatha Devi Dasi Philadelphia 1973
Gopinathacarya Dasa Brisbane June 1973
Gopiprana Dasa Vancouver 1972
Gopipranadhana Dasa New York August 1973
Gopipriya Devi Dasi Auckland April 1973
Gopipriya devi Devi Dasi London January 1975
Gopisa Dasa New York December 1974
Gopta Dasa Laguna June 1974
Gostabihari Dasa LA July 1971
Goutam Muni Dasa Hawaii
Govardhana Dasa LA December 1969
Govardhana Dasa Hawaii 1969
Govardhana Devi Dasi Edinburgh May 1973
Govardhanadhari Dasa Denver September 1975
Govatsa Rakhala Devi Dasi London April 1977
Govinda Dasa Brazil September 1977
Govinda Devi Dasi San Francisco February 1967
Govinda Bhakta Dasa Toronto January 1975
Govinda Datta Dasa Chicago July 1975
Govinda Kunda Dasa Berkeley August 1976
Govinda Mohini Devi Dasi Sydney May 1971
Govinda Mohini Devi Dasi San Diego September 1977
Govinda Mohini Devi Dasi Mayapur September 1977
Govinda Nandini Devi Dasi Brazil March 1977
Govinda-vallabha Devi Dasi Boston December 1973
Govindadatta? Dasa Calcutta? 1974
Govindananda Dasa London January 1973
Govindanandini Devi Dasi Sydney May 1971
Govindapriya Dasa Miami July 1976
Govindarupini Devi Dasi St. Louis July 1973
Grahila Dasa Philadelphia July 1975
Gudakesa Dasa Mayapur March 1976
Guhyesa Dasa Brazil July 1976
Guna Avatara Dasa Amsterdam August 1977
Guna Purna Dasa Argentina March 1977
Gunagrahi Dasa Buffalo February 1971
Gunakara Dasa Vrndavana April 1976
Gunamayi Devi Dasi LA August 1971
Gunaraja Devi Dasi Edinburgh 1973
Gunarnava Dasa London August 1971
Gunavasa Dasa New Orleans May 1976
Gunavati Devi Dasi Melbourne June 1974
Gunesvara Dasa Argentina September 1976
Gunyarupini Devi Dasi New Vrindaban April 1973
Gupta Dasa LA 1973
Guptalaya Devi Dasi Paris August 1974
Guru Carana Padma Devi Dasi Chicago September 1977
Gurubhakta Devi Dasi Amsterdam August 1976
Gurudasa Dasa San Francisco February 1967
Gurudeva Dasa Mayapur March 1973
Gurugauranga Dasa Geneva December 1971
Gurugovinda Dasa Cleveland February 1975
Gurukaruna Dasa Philadelphia 1976
Gurukripa Dasa Berkeley March 1971
Gurupadma Dasa Amsterdam 1977
Guruprasada Dasa Costa Rica April 1976
Guruprasada Dasa Montreal January 1977
Gurusrestha Dasa Germany December 1975
Gurutama Dasa LA October 1974
Guruvagmi Dasa St. Louis January 1976
Guruvagmi Dasa Brazil February 1976
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