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Disciple Names Starting with I

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Picture Initiated Name Suffix Placesort descending Month Year
Indriyani Devi Dasi Baltimore 1971
Indujyoti Devi Dasi Berkeley July 1976
Indurekha Devi Dasi Bombay May 1974
Icchagati Devi Dasi Boston February 1976
Ijya Dasa Boston September 1977
Indumati Devi Dasi Brazil December 1976
Isvara Dasa Brazil December 1976
Indrasena Dasa Brazil September 1976
Isvara Candra Dasa Budapest August 1977
Icchamaya Dasa Caracas February 1975
Isesvari Devi Dasi Caracas March 1977
Isvara Parama Dasa Denver September 1977
Icchamati Devi Dasi Detroit 1970
Indradyumna Dasa Detroit December 1971
Isavasyam Dasa E. Berlin August 1977
Indukanthi Devi Dasi Frankfurt July 1976
Indira Devi Dasi Germany 1973
Isvarapatni Devi Dasi Germany August 1976
Iksvaku Dasa Hamburg 1973
Ilavati Devi Dasi Hamburg January 1970
Indrani Devi Dasi Hamburg July 1970
Isvara Puri? Dasa Hawaii? November 1976
Iravati Devi Dasi LA
Iksakurani Dasa LA 1971
Isvara Dasa London March 1973
Ilapati Dasa London August 1975
Isvari Devi Dasi London September 1973
Indranuja Dasa London March 1977
Isvara Candra Dasa Madison
Isesvara Dasa Mayapur March 1974
Indurekha Devi Dasi Mexico June 1972
Indradeva Dasa Mexico June 1972
Isa Dasa Miami January 1975
Isavatara Dasa Montreal June 1976
Isani Devi Dasi New Vrindaban September 1972
Isvara Dasa New Vrindaban April 1973
Ila Devi Dasi New Vrindaban March 1977
Indrabharta Dasa New Vrindaban September 1972
Indriyesa Dasa New York April 1974
Isa devi Devi Dasi New York September 1974
Isana Dasa New York February 1969
Indira Devi Dasi New York December 1967
Isvara Puri Dasa New York April 1973
Indrapramada Dasa New York February 1973
Indumati Devi Dasi New York? 1968
Ivesvana Dasa New Zealand December 1975
Indriya Damana Dasa Paris June 1974
Isyavasya Dasa Rome April 1976
Indranatha Dasa San Francisco November 1973
Isvaripati Dasa St. Louis January 1976
Iccha Devi Dasi Stockholm April 1974
Idya-deva Dasa Toronto June 1976
Isvara Puri Dasa Vrndavana 1970
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