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Disciple Names Starting with L

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Picture Initiated Namesort descending Suffix Place Month Year
Labangalatika Devi Dasi San Francisco? February 1969
Labangamanjari Devi Dasi LA May 1972
Ladhvamsi Dasa Boston September 1974
Lagudi Dasa Sydney January 1974
Lajjavati Devi Dasi New Vrindaban April 1973
Lakhima Devi Dasi Vancouver June 1972
Laksmana Dasa LA March 1973
Laksmana devi Devi Dasi Sydney April 1972
Laksmi Devi Dasi San Francisco January 1968
Laksmi Devi Dasi Miami
Laksmihari Dasa Calcutta March 1977
Laksmimoni Devi Dasi Buffalo July 1969
Laksminarasimha Dasa LA March 1977
Laksminarayana Dasa Detroit 1970
Laksminatha Dasa Miami July 1974
Laksminatha Dasa Toronto January 1975
Laksminrsimha Dasa San Francisco July 1974
Laksmipati Devi Dasi LA 1972
Laksmipriya Devi Dasi Mexico June 1972
Laksmisa Dasa Delhi August 1976
Laksmisvara Dasa New York July 1976
Laksmivana Dasa Washington January 1973
Lalagopala Dasa Gainesville March 1975
Lalagopala Devi Dasi London September 1976
Lalakrsna Dasa LA May 1972
Lalana Devi Dasi Chicago March 1974
Lalanamani Devi Dasi New York July 1976
Lalita devi Devi Dasi Montreal October 1974
Lalita devi Devi Dasi Seattle May 1975
Lalita devi Devi Dasi London January 1975
Lalita devi Devi Dasi Chicago July 1975
Lalita-priya Devi Dasi Edinburgh 1975
Lalitacara Devi Dasi LA April 1975
Lalitagopala Dasa Siddh March 1977
Lalitagovinda Dasa Santo Domingo July 1976
Lalitakrsna Dasa Malaysia 1972
Lalitakrsna Devi Dasi Houston April 1977
Lalitakumara Dasa New York 1968
Lalitakunda devi Devi Dasi Frankfurt June 1974
Lalitananda Dasa Buffalo 1972
Lalitananda Dasa Denver December 1976
Lalitanatha Dasa LA March 1977
Lalitaprasada Dasa Mexico June 1972
Lalitasakhi Devi Dasi New Vrindaban September 1972
Lalitasakhi Devi Dasi New Vrindaban June 1976
Lalitasakhi? Dasa Hyderabad August 1976
Lamba Devi Dasi Berkeley June 1976
Lambodara Dasa Atlanta December 1971
Lambodara Dasa Amsterdam April 1975
Langaganesa Dasa Miami July 1974
Languli Dasa Boston September 1974
Lanka-vijaya Dasa Detroit August 1975
Lankesa Dasa San Francisco November 1974
Lasika Devi Dasi Miami July 1976
Lata-devi Devi Dasi Pittsburgh? 1975
Latika Devi Dasi Berkeley
Lekhasravanti Devi Dasi Detroit 1974
Lekhasravanti devi Devi Dasi Germany December 1974
Lelihana devi Devi Dasi Vrndavana April 1975
Lila Devi Dasi LA January 1974
Lila devi Devi Dasi Portland August 1974
Lila devi Devi Dasi Denver December 1976
Lilakamala Dasa Mexico February 1975
Lilakatha Devi Dasi Montreal March 1977
Lilakirtana Dasa Toronto June 1976
Lilamanjari Devi Dasi New York July 1971
Lilamanjari Devi Dasi Vancouver July 1974
Lilamohana Dasa Cleveland February 1975
Lilamohini Devi Dasi London March 1977
Lilamrta Devi Dasi Vancouver 1976
Lilananda Dasa Portland 1972
Lilananda Dasa Brazil December 1976
Lilanatha Dasa Bogota July 1976
Lilapurusottama Dasa New York March 1977
Lilarati Devi Dasi Trinidad March 1977
Lilasakhi Devi Dasi Miami March 1977
Lilasakti Devi Dasi London August 1970
Lilasakti Devi Dasi LA April 1971
Lilasakti Devi Dasi Detroit January 1977
Lilasmarana Dasa Brazil July 1976
Lilasmarana Dasa Germany October 1977
Lilasmaranam devi Devi Dasi San Francisco July 1974
Lilasmrti Devi Dasi New York July 1976
Lilasravana devi Devi Dasi Hawaii March 1975
Lilasuka Dasa Brazil September 1976
Lilasuka Devi Dasi New York December 1967
Lilasuka Devi Dasi Toronto June 1976
Lilasukha-devi Devi Dasi Toronto July 1975
Lilasukhi Devi Dasi Honolulu 1975
Lilasukhi Devi Dasi Vancouver April 1977
Lilavatara Devi Dasi Caracas April 1976
Lilavati Dasa San Francisco? June 1967
Lilesvara Dasa Rome March 1977
Lingini Devi Dasi Seattle February 1977
Locana Dasa LA 1969
Locanananda Dasa Paris August 1970
Locanapadma Devi Dasi Gita Nagari March 1977
Lohanga Devi Dasi ?
Lohitaksa Dasa LA October 1974
Lokabandhu Dasa Santo Domingo May 1974
Lokabhavana Dasa Ecquador
Lokadevi Devi Dasi New York March 1977
Lokadrsti Devi Dasi Toronto March 1974
Lokaguru Dasa Washington May 1976
Lokaguru Dasa London
Lokahita devi Devi Dasi Dallas November 1974
Lokalila Devi Dasi Denver February 1974
Lokamangala Dasa New York April 1973
Lokamangalam Devi Dasi France November 1977
Lokamata Devi Dasi Amsterdam August 1976
Lokanatha Dasa Columbus May 1969
Lokanatha Dasa Berkeley December 1971
Lokanatha Dasa Vrndavana November 1972
Lokanatha Goswami Dasa Chicago July 1974
Lokasaksi Dasa Brazil June 1975
Lokasara Dasa Vrndavana April 1975
Lokasaranga Dasa LA May 1973
Lokaseva Dasa Toronto June 1976
Lokasrsti Dasa Montreal March 1977
Lokasvami Dasa New York June 1975
Lokasvara Dasa Florida 1975
Lokavarnottama Dasa Buffalo June 1973
Lokesvari Devi Dasi Rome March 1977
Lola Devi Dasi Vancouver January 1974
Lomasa Rsi Dasa China March 1977
Lomasa-muni Dasa Mexico June 1976
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