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Disciple Names Starting with N

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Picture Initiated Namesort ascending Suffix Place Month Year
Nrsimhananda devi Devi Dasi Vrndavana August 1977
Nrsimhananda Dasa Bombay May 1972
Nrsimhananda Dasa LA April 1972
Nrsimha Caitanya Dasa LA April 1971
Nrsimha Devi Dasi Minneapolis November 1976
Nrsimha Dasa New Vrindaban? 1971
Nrsimha Dasa New York 1970
Nrhari Dasa Argentina October 1973
Nogomala? Devi Dasi New Vrindaban? 1974
Nityodita Dasa New Vrindaban August 1975
Nityatrpta Devi Dasi LA June 1976
Nityatrpta Dasa Argentina October 1973
Nityasvarupa Dasa Vrndavana April 1976
Nityasiddha Dasa Boston December 1973
Nityarupa Devi Dasi Berkeley April 1976
Nityanatha Dasa San Francisco May 1973
Nityananda? Dasa 1969
Nityananda Dasa New Orleans March 1970
Nityamanjari Devi Dasi St. Louis October 1976
Nityalila-sakhi Devi Dasi China March 1977
Nityalila Devi Dasi Vrndavana April 1976
Nityakrsna Dasa Mayapur March 1977
Nityakrsna Dasa Mexico March 1977
Nityagopala Dasa Buenos Aires January 1974
Nityacanda Dasa London
Nitya Devi Dasi London August 1973
Nitya Devi Dasi Mexico September 1973
Nitigati Dasa Vrndavana April 1976
Nitigata Devi Dasi Sydney 1973
Nitaipatni Devi Dasi Montreal July 1976
Nitaipadma Dasa Mayapur September 1977
Nitaipada Dasa Vancouver July 1976
Nitaicand Dasa Mayapur March 1973
Nitai Gauracandra Dasa LA August 1972
Nitai Carana Dasa Miami July 1976
Nitai Dasa Boulder July 1970
Nistula Dasa Seattle August 1973
Nistraigunya Dasa Detroit September 1973
Nistha Dasa Vrndavana April 1976
Nispapa Dasa Heidelberg June 1973
Niskrodha Dasa Heidelberg June 1973
Niskriya Dasa Mexico June 1976
Niskincana Dasa Mexico September 1973
Niskincana Dasa Toronto December 1973
Niskala Dasa London July 1972
Niscintya Devi Dasi LA December 1973
Niscintya Dasa St. Louis July 1973
Nirupama Devi Dasi Vancouver July 1971
Nirupadi Devi Dasi Laguna October 1973
Nirmala-kumara Dasa Sydney May 1971
Nirmala-devi Devi Dasi Paris March 1975
Nirmala-devi Devi Dasi New Vrindaban July 1974
Nirlepa Devi Dasi Mexico September 1973
Nirguna-devi Devi Dasi Vrndavana April 1975
Nirguna Dasa Atlanta April 1976
Nirguna Dasa LA July 1975
Nirantara Dasa New York April 1974
Niranjana Devi Dasi New York June 1975
Niranjana Dasa Boston May 1974
Niranjana Dasa Benares 1972
Niramaya Dasa France February 1976
Niraloka Dasa Vrndavana April 1976
Niralamba Dasa London August 1975
Nirakula Devi Dasi LA May 1973
Nirahamkara Dasa Heidelberg June 1973
Niraga Deva Dasa London May 1973
Niradhara Devi Dasi Mexico September 1973
Nirabhadra Dasa Melbourne April 1976
Nipuna Devi Dasi LA January 1973
Nimaikirtana Dasa Mayapur March 1977
Nimai Sundara Dasa New York
Nimai Sundara Dasa LA June 1976
Nimai Dasa Berkeley 1972
Nilambara Dasa Hyderabad August 1976
Nilambara Dasa Mayapur October 1974
Nilambara Dasa Washington January 1974
Nilamani Dasa Caracas February 1975
Nilacala Devi Dasi Costa Rica May 1976
Nikunjavasini-devi Devi Dasi Frankfurt June 1974
Nikunjavasini devi Devi Dasi Miami July 1974
Nikunjarasi Vilasi Devi Dasi St. Louis July 1973
Nikhilesvari Devi Dasi Atlanta October 1973
Nikhilananda Dasa Hamburg April 1973
Nidra-devi Devi Dasi Denver December 1976
Nidra-devi Devi Dasi Montreal March 1974
Netra Dasa Mexico September 1977
Nemicakra Dasa Santo Domingo March 1977
Nayika Devi Dasi San Diego April 1976
Nayana-bhirama Dasa Montreal June 1968
Navina Krsna Dasa Detroit March 1975
Navina Devi Dasi Laguna January 1972
Navayogendra Dasa India 1971
Navayauvana Dasa Atlanta December 1971
Navasi Devi Dasi New Vrindaban September 1972
Navaratna Dasa New York July 1971
Navanihoda Dasa Vrndavana April 1976
Navalanga-devi Devi Dasi Paris June 1974
Navadvipa-pati Dasa Mayapur March 1977
Navadvipa Dasa New York June 1971
Natha Dasa Vancouver November 1973
Nataraja Dasa Melbourne June 1973
Nataka Candrika Devi Dasi Denver August 1974
Natabara Dasa Mauritius June 1977
Natabara Dasa Mexico September 1973
Nartaki Devi Dasi Sydney May 1971
Nartaka-gopala-devi Devi Dasi Miami January 1975
Nartaka-gopala Dasa Mayapur March 1977
Narottamananda Dasa Detroit April 1970
Narottama Dasa Vrndavana November 1976
Narmadadevi Devi Dasi Costa Rica March 1977
Narmada Devi Dasi New Vrindaban
Nari Devi Dasi Pittsburgh April 1973
Naresvara Dasa Mayapur March 1977
Narendra Dasa Boston 1975
Narendra Dasa London August 1971
Narayani Devi Dasi Gainesville July 1971
Narayana Dasa Melbourne April 1975
Narayana Dasa Vrndavana April 1975
Narayana Dasa New York July 1971
Naravesa Devi Dasi Berkeley June 1976
Naranarayana Rsi Dasa Mombasa March 1977
Naranarayana Dasa San Francisco 1968
Narakrti Dasa Nellore January 1976
Narakantaka Dasa Paris November 1975
Narahari Dasa Miami December 1973
Narahari Dasa London 1971
Naradi-devi Devi Dasi Atlanta July 1974
Naradevi Devi Dasi New York July 1971
Naradeva Dasa Nairobi November 1975
Narada Muni Dasa LA May 1970
Nandita Gokula Devi Dasi Denver May 1972
Nandirupaka Devi Dasi Paris December 1975
Nandini Devi Dasi Mayapur March 1977
Nandimukhi Devi Dasi LA
Nandikesvara Dasa Regina March 1974
Nandidevi Devi Dasi Washington April 1975
Nandarani Devi Dasi San Francisco March 1967
Nandapriya Devi Dasi London August 1975
Nandapriya Dasa Tokyo October 1976
Nandaprana Dasa Mexico September 1973
Nandapatni Devi Dasi London
Nandanandana Dasa Mexico June 1972
Nandanacarya Dasa Miami July 1974
Nandalala Devi Dasi LA 1970
Nandaki Dasa New York June 1975
Nandai Dasa Vrndavana April 1976
Nandagopa Dasa LA July 1975
Nandadayini-devi Devi Dasi Caracas February 1975
Nanda-kumara Dasa Durban 1977
Nanda-kumara Dasa LA July 1969
Nanda-kisora Dasa New York December 1967
Nanda Devi Dasi Boston June 1972
Nanda Dasa Vrndavana April 1976
Nama Sankirtana Devi Dasi Hawaii August 1977
Nalinikanta Dasa Berkeley December 1971
Nakula Brahmacarya Dasa Chicago April 1976
Nakula Dasa Sydney February 1973
Naksatranemi Dasa Boston July 1974
Nakadi Dasa Toronto July 1974
Naiskarmi Devi Dasi New Vrindaban September 1972
Nairvani Devi Dasi Brazil July 1976
Naimisaranya Dasa London March 1976
Naikatma Dasa Denver December 1973
Naikarmakrt Dasa Denver December 1973
Nagendra Dasa Johannesburg December 1975
Nagari Devi Dasi Gainesville March 1974
Nagari Dasa Costa Rica April 1976
Nagaraja Dasa San Francisco January 1975
Nagapatni Devi Dasi LA February 1971
Naga-natana Dasa Hong Kong November 1976
Nadia Dasa LA March 1974
Nada Devi Dasi Berkeley August 1976
Nabhasvati Devi Dasi London August 1972
Nabhalinga Devi Dasi Brazil September 1977
Nabaratha Dasa Wilmington
Nabanita-cora Dasa London April 1977
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