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Disciple Names Starting with T

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Picture Initiated Name Suffix Place Monthsort descending Year
Tirtharaja Dasa Mayapur 1976
Tarunkanti Dasa Hawaii 1972
Tamra Devi Dasi New Vrindaban 1977
Tosan Krsna Dasa New York 1968
Tosana Dasa LA 1972
Tapan Misra Dasa France 1977
Tota-gopinatha Dasa Vancouver? 1976
Trayi devi Devi Dasi LA 1971
Thakur Haridasa Dasa LA 1971
Tulasi Devi Dasi France
Tilaka devi Devi Dasi Seattle 1971
Tara Devi Dasi LA 1974
Tulasi-manjari devi Devi Dasi Seattle 1971
Trigatra Dasa Melbourne 1976
Tirtha Dasa ?
Tungabhadra devi Devi Dasi LA 1969
Trikavasa Dasa ?
Tusita Dasa New Vrindaban
Tirthapada Dasa LA
Tamalananda Dasa ?
Taruni devi Devi Dasi Vrndavana April 1975
Trivikrama Dasa Buffalo April 1969
Trnavarta-ghatana Dasa London April 1974
Tukarama Dasa Tokyo April 1972
Tridandi Dasa Vancouver April 1977
Tirthada Dasa Hamburg April 1973
Tarakanatha Dasa Toronto April 1973
Trilocana Dasa LA April 1971
Tarani Devi Dasi LA April 1973
Tarkikcuramoni Devi Dasi Pittsburgh April 1972
Tamala Krsna Dasa San Francisco April 1968
Tarksi devi Devi Dasi Melbourne April 1975
Trilokesa Dasa Denver April 1975
Tamraparni? Devi Dasi Seattle August 1973
Tadakari Dasa Caracas August 1974
Tirthakara Dasa Paris August 1975
Trilokatma Dasa Vrndavana August 1974
Trisakti Devi Dasi Detroit December 1971
Trpti devi Devi Dasi Denver December 1974
Taraka Dasa New York December 1974
Tarakara Dasa Baltimore December 1974
Taittareya Devi Dasi LA December 1973
Trilocana Dasa Brazil December 1976
Tamoha Dasa LA December 1973
Taru Dasa New Vrindaban February 1973
Tamra Devi Dasi Seattle February 1977
Tattvavada Dasa Philadelphia February 1975
Traidasa Dasa San Francisco February 1971
Tryadhisa Devi Dasi Boston January 1975
Tulasi Dasa LA January 1970
Tulasi devi Devi Dasi San Francisco January 1968
Tribhuvanesvari devi Devi Dasi Toronto January 1975
Tilakini Devi Dasi Caracas January 1974
Trilokanatha Dasa Toronto January 1975
Tarksya Dasa Caracas January 1974
Tamohara Dasa Chicago July 1973
Trilokesvara Dasa New York July 1976
Trimalla-bhatta Dasa Miami July 1974
Tamopaha Dasa St. Louis July 1973
Tripada Dasa Vancouver July 1974
Tirthasadaka Dasa London July 1972
Triveni Dasa London July 1974
Tapan Misra Dasa San Francisco July 1974
Tapanacarya Dasa New Vrindaban July 1974
Tattvavit Dasa San Francisco July 1974
Tapas Dasa New York July 1971
Tejah Prakasa Dasa Philadelphia July 1975
Tapasvani Dasa Buffalo July 1971
Tapasvini Devi Dasi Philadelphia July 1975
Tribhangananda Dasa London July 1972
Tilakinatha Dasa Bombay July 1972
Tara devi Devi Dasi LA July 1969
Tulasipati Dasa New York July 1976
Tirthanga Dasa London July 1972
Tamala Kartika Dasa Washington July 1974
Tirthapavana Dasa New Orleans July 1976
Taruni devi Devi Dasi New Vrindaban June 1969
Tripurari Dasa LA June 1972
Tattvadarsan Dasa New Vrindaban June 1976
Tapomurti Dasa New York June 1976
Tribhuvanatha Dasa London June 1970
Tungavidya Devi Dasi Mexico June 1972
Talanka Dasa Frankfurt June 1974
Turya Dasa Hawaii June 1969
Trilokanatha Dasa London June 1970
Tirthapada Devi Dasi Mexico June 1976
Tyagisvara Dasa London March 1975
Trisakti Devi Dasi Caracas March 1977
Titiksa Devi Dasi Atlanta March 1974
Tatpara Dasa Mayapur March 1972
Tattva-dasini Devi Dasi Trinidad March 1977
Tosapita Dasa London March 1977
Tradhisa Dasa LA March 1970
Tapati Devi Dasi LA March 1977
Tridhama Dasa LA March 1977
Tadakaha Dasa Trinidad March 1977
Taraka Devi Dasi Laguna March 1973
Tadita Devi Dasi LA March 1974
Tirthanidhi Devi Dasi Colombia March 1977
Tirthapada Dasa London March 1969
Tusta Krsna Dasa Bombay March 1971
Tarksya Dasa Trinidad March 1972
Tirtharthi Dasa LA May 1973
Tanumadhya Dasa London May 1973
Tejiyas Dasa Buffalo May 1970
Taijasatmika Devi Dasi Detroit May 1973
Taraksa Dasa Montreal May 1976
Tusti Devi Dasi LA May 1973
Tarunkrsna Dasa Vrndavana November 1976
Tapasya Dasa France November 1977
Thakura Haridasa Dasa Berkeley November 1976
Taponidhi Dasa Germany November 1974
Tridandi Dasa Rome November 1975
Tirthaprada Dasa New York October 1973
Tamohara Dasa Winnipeg October 1974
Trivarga Dasa Bristol October 1973
Tapahpunja Dasa New Vrindaban October 1974
Tejomaya Dasa New Vrindaban October 1974
Tapomaya Dasa Mayapur October 1974
Tulasi-carana Devi Dasi LA October 1976
Tilakini Devi Dasi Buffalo October 1976
Tulasivallabha Dasa Baltimore October 1975
Triguna Dasa Boston October 1977
Tusita Devi Dasi LA October 1976
Tyaga Dasa Laguna September 1976
Tarunkrsna Dasa New Vrindaban September 1972
Tirvmangala Dasa New Vrindaban September 1972
Tatpara Dasa Boston September 1974
Triyogi Dasa Detroit September 1973
Triyuga Dasa Denver September 1977
Trailokyasundari Devi Dasi Vancouver September 1975
Tranakarta Dasa Chicago September 1974
Tribhanga Dasa New Vrindaban September 1972
Tejovati Devi Dasi London September 1973
Tribhuvanapati Dasa Melbourne September 1976
Tilaka Dasa Boston September 1974
Tulasiananda Devi Dasi Miami September 1977
Taracandra Dasa LA September 1972
Tulasipriya Dasa London September 1976
Turiya Dasa Stockholm September 1975
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