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Disciple Names Starting with Y

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Picture Initiated Name Suffix Placesort descending Month Year
Yamunananda Dasa ?
Yogiscandra Dasa Berkeley December 1971
Yuyudhana Dasa Bhubanesvar January 1977
Yajni Dasa Brazil June 1975
Yogapati Dasa Brazil September 1977
Yogini Devi Dasi Brazil December 1975
Yajnatrata Dasa Brazil December 1975
Yadubara Dasa Calcutta October 1971
Yadavacarya Goswami Dasa Chicago July 1974
Yaduganguli Dasa Chicago July 1975
Yasoda Devi Dasi Chicago December 1973
Yadava Dasa Chicago July 1975
Yamini Devi Dasi Columbus June 1970
Yogamala Devi Dasi Dallas November 1975
Yugapriya Devi Dasi Dallas November 1975
Yajnapabhokta Dasa Denver September 1975
Yajnapurusa Dasa Denver April 1976
Yadavacarya Dasa Detroit June 1971
Yamunatatacara Dasa Detroit May 1973
Yasogami Devi Dasi Detroit August 1975
Yajnavalkya Dasa Detroit February 1973
Yajnesa Dasa France February 1976
Yajnabhuk Dasa France February 1976
Yadavendra Dasa Frankfurt June 1974
Yasodamayi-devi Devi Dasi Gainesville April 1976
Yavanaha Dasa Geneva June 1974
Yadavamani Dasa Germany August 1976
Yadavendra Dasa Germany August 1975
Yadavendra Dasa Germany August 1976
Yadasampati Dasa Germany December 1975
Yaksa Dasa Hamburg January 1974
Yasodalala Dasa Hawaii March 1975
Yasomatisuta Dasa Hong Kong March 1974
Yadusrestha Dasa Hyderabad August 1976
Yadavacarya Dasa LA
Yadunandanapada Dasa LA March 1977
Yaduvamsi Dasa LA February 1975
Yasoda Dulala Dasa LA June 1972
Yudhisthira Dasa LA 1970
Yajnapati Dasa LA 1972
Yajnapriya Devi Dasi LA May 1973
Yuvati Devi Dasi LA October 1975
Yugadharma Dasa Laguna April 1976
Yamuna Jivana Dasa London January 1975
Yogesvara Dasa London 1969
Yaduratna Dasa London
Yasasvini Devi Dasi London May 1973
Yaduvendu Dasa London August 1972
Yasoda Dulala Dasa London January 1975
Yasodamayi Devi Dasi London 1973
Yasodamayi devi Devi Dasi London July 1972
Yajnanga Dasa London November 1975
Yasomati-stanya-payi Devi Dasi London April 1977
Yasodavatsala Dasa Mayapur October 1974
Yamuna Jivana Dasa Mexico June 1972
Yajaniya-devi Devi Dasi Mexico February 1975
Yajnaphalada Dasa Mexico December 1975
Yajnahotra Dasa Minneapolis November 1976
Yasodajivana Dasa Montreal 1972
Yogisa Dasa Nairobi June 1975
Yogindra Vandana Dasa New Orleans October 1972
Yadavananda Dasa New Vrindaban
Yamaraja Dasa New Vrindaban 1972
Yadunandana Dasa New Vrindaban June 1969
Yogendra Dasa New Vrindaban September 1972
Yudhisthira Dasa New Vrindaban 1972
Yasomatinandana Dasa New Vrindaban September 1972
Yogamaya-devi Devi Dasi New York July 1971
Yogananda Dasa New York 1973
Yadurani Devi Dasi New York October 1966
Yasodanandana Dasa New York August 1969
Yamunacarya Dasa New York? October 1969
Yajnabhuk Dasa Philadelphia 1974
Yajnasadhana Dasa Philadelphia
Yamunapriya Dasa Philadelphia? February 1975
Yamunapati Dasa Phoenix November 1975
Yogamandakari Devi Dasi Rome November 1975
Yogananda Dasa San Diego November 1976
Yamuna-devi Devi Dasi San Francisco February 1967
Yudhamanyu Dasa San Francisco May 1973
Yogindra Dasa Sweden September 1976
Yasomatinandana Dasa Sydney February 1973
Yajnesvara Dasa Sydney April 1972
Yayati Devi Dasi Sydney February 1973
Yamalarjuna Dasa Sydney September 1974
Yugatita Dasa Sydney April 1976
Yugalakisora Dasa Toronto February 1971
Yamalarjuna Dasa Vancouver 1977
Yoginatha Dasa Vancouver September 1975
Yasodanandanapatni Devi Dasi Vancouver September 1975
Yasomati Devi Dasi Vancouver June 1972
Yayati Devi Dasi Vrndavana December 1975
Yogapati Dasa Vrndavana September 1975
Yadunatha Dasa Washington January 1975
Yajna Dasa Washington January 1975
Yugalamurti Dasa Zurich March 1977
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